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The Pablo Sandoval Foundation

Learn how you can meet the Panda

The Pablo Sandoval Foundation is creating a movement of compassion, hope and love to support children and their families in great need through support and services.

The lovable Kung Fu Panda has wrapped his arms around San Francisco with his charitable endeavors widening the reach of his good works that began in the country of his birth, Venezuela. It continued in the city by the Bay, where he played with the San Francisco Giants from 2008 to 2014 and returned home to the City in 2017.

He’s cultivated a wonderful relationship with Giants fans and created good will with the local, national and broadcast news media. And his Pablo Sandoval Foundation works to put smiles on the faces of children and offers compassion and hope to the underserved.

I want to give these children hope.
I want to show them that each and every one of them is special and they can succeed.